Using Waist Cinchers – Three Stages to Do It Right

Waist training is the technique of slowly narrowing the size of the waist by utilizing a corset. The process was used widely in the Victorian period, but went out of fashion some time later. In the last few years, the use has made resurgence – mainly due to celebrities like Kim Kardashian using waist cincher openly. The use of a cincher, along with a proper diet and good exercises, can slim down your waist well enough. It can give you a sexier body shape and you can permanently remove the extra pounds from your waist.

The First Stage

While you are training your waist, you have to remember that your waist would slowly get accustomed to the constriction of the corset. You need to allow some time to your corset and break it in so that your body and your dress do not suffer any damage. You need not train too much in the initial weeks of your waist training. During the first week, you need to wear it for anywhere from 1-3 hours only. Your corset wearing should not exceed over 3 days every week. You should reduce your span of corset wearing until you get comfortable enough inside it. You should increase the span of wearing slowly, once you get adjusted. You are advised to always remove your corsets while taking steam or sauna baths or while taking showers or swimming.

The Second Stage

Gradually go on increasing the span of wearing a exercise waist trainer by 1 to 2 hours until the time that you feel comfortable wearing it throughout the day. Wear the dress on the first clasp set and it is only when it has been used enough that you should begin to use the second clasp set in order to tighten the corset. As your waist size gets reduced in size, you will not feel your corset sitting as tight on you as before. You will get more and more comfortable with time. You can move on to the next size so that you can go on with your waist cinching regimen. In the course of a few months, you will feel comfortable wearing the dress for a maximum of 10 hours every day.

The Third Stage

With a good corset bought from this blog, you can get rid of the first 2 to 4 inches quite easily. However, it is the last 4 or 5 inches that take about 1 – 3 months to be eliminated from your waist area. However, reducing every half inch from then on can take about 6 months to a whole year. In the first few weeks, your body can be compressed by some measure very easily. After that, the corset begins to compress your bones and internal organs. As a result of this, you should move down your corset size with care and ideally with proper consultation with your physician at every step of the process. Keep in mind that the body shape of every individual is different and you need to proceed with your waist cinching regimen at a pace that suits you the best.

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